Hobbyist Verification

As an escort, it’s not easy to verify your client details every time. You just can’t say on phone wait, I need to check your background details, and then I would go on date with you. This will surely put him off and you may end up losing a potential date.

The better option would be to go for people that can do hobbyist verification on your behalf. Thankfully, there are adult clubs like City Girls that does all the background verification. It always asks for employer details (i.e. the place where a person is working) apart from his personal phone and email.  Once you submit this information, the executive will call your office on some fictional pretext. If everything is found okay, the person will be registered as a member hobbyist.

hobbyist verification

The best part is that City Girls do not rely on any third party reference like such as a famous escort reference, an escort review user id details and all. The site has a strict code of conduct policy that everyone should follow. In fact, it doesn’t bend the rule for its members too. This makes it quite unique.

So, if you haven’ t sign up with city girls till yet, you better do so, the site not only provides you regular clients but also ensures that you do not land up in any trouble.

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